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Sustainability Onboarding Toolkit

Scribe Consulting’s Sustainability Onboarding Toolkit product guides organisations towards excellence in sustainability, meeting our clients where they are. We have partnered with Weeva, a digital sustainability management platform designed for the tourism and hospitality industry. The Software as a Service (SaaS) system utilises The Long Run's 4C framework to measure and support improved businesses' impact across the Environment, Community, Culture, and Commerce.  Beyond setting their sustainability business plan, we help our clients develop conscious strategies for sharing their sustainability story with the world. 

Here's a detailed glimpse into our comprehensive Sustainability Onboarding Toolkit experience: 

● Tailored Demo Collaboration 

- We initiate onboarding by connecting our clients with the Weeva team for a personalised demo. 

- Scribe Consulting actively participates in the demo process, leveraging our knowledge of the client to brief the Weeva team and ensure a tailored experience. 


● Sustainability Onboarding Masterclass 

- A key milestone in our onboarding process involves hosting a masterclass dedicated to assisting clients in assembling their organisation's sustainability plan. 

- This interactive session includes implementing a co-branded workbook and fostering collaborative efforts to craft a robust sustainability strategy. 

● Strategic Parameter and Criteria Selection 

- We guide our clients in carefully selecting parameters from the 4Cs framework and help them identify the specific criteria (out of 18) that align with their sustainability goals. - Emphasising a pragmatic approach, we encourage clients to start small, ensuring they make tangible progress in their sustainability initiatives.


● Ongoing Support through Sustainability Champions

- We establish regular check-ins with our clients' sustainability champions to foster continuous progress. 

- These sessions serve as opportunities to offer tailored advice and support, addressing evolving needs and challenges in the sustainability journey. 

● Integration into Marketing Strategy 

- Leveraging insights gained from our collaborative sessions, we assist clients in seamlessly integrating sustainability messaging and impact storytelling. 

- Our strategic approach enables clients to share their sustainability story effectively across various marketing channels.

Current Retail Price of the Sustainability Toolkit: £896 excl. VAT. 

Let's Make A Start

"Sustainability is a meaningful tool in the quest for regenerative tourism. At its heart, tourism is about connection, and sustainability is a stepping stone in achieving a balance between the planet, people and prosperity. Through our thoughtfully designed sustainability products, we support our clients in unlocking their vast potential in this important sphere. Scribe Consulting's partnerships and our work are a testament to our commitment to the bright future of tourism and hospitality."


Amy Knight-Dawson

Let's Talk Sustainability on LinkedIn

Hotel Resort at Sunrise

Research & Development

We are constantly looking to create new solutions to empower the tourism industry., empowering the stakeholders with tools to bring lasting, systemic change. 


One such tool we have in production is the Sustainable Tourism Grading program (STG), built around the premise of 'Beyond The Bednight—Tapping Into Tourism's Untold Potential.'  

The STG embraces a growth mindset by applying a paradigm shift from a traditional grading system framework, instead emphasising the Global Goals as criteria. 


This grading program is for those who care about people, the planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. Hospitality owners now have an inspired alternative for grading their products and services that resonates value beyond the guests' travel date.


The reason is that the grading system's inclusive nature allows the business itself, its channel of distribution, and its supply chain to thrive. One grading system has three times the impact.


The STG, informed by the UN SDGs for Tourism, answers the call for a well-balanced grading program rooted in sustainable business practices, offering tourism a baked-in solution for resilience and potentially far-reaching prosperity.

You can learn more about the program by viewing the concept notes here. If you want to learn more or learn about partnership opportunities, please contact us


Sustainability Guidance

With over two decades of tourism experience, we base our service on our tried-and-true experiences.  From spotting a greenwashing tactic to celebrating some of the world's finest examples of responsible, sustainable and regenerative tourism, we remain at the forefront of this vital aspect of tourism and hospitality. 

Making a start and implementing small changes, and sticking to them, is where the heart of change beats. 

Our partnership with Weeva represents a dynamic fusion of strategic guidance and cutting-edge technology underpinned by a shared commitment to creating a positive and lasting impact on the global tourism landscape. By combining forces, Scribe Consulting and Weeva aim to empower organisations to meet sustainability goals through data-led achievements.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you and your business better understand sustainability. 


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